Video Troubleshooting

Types of Cable Connectors

  • HDMI (Most Common)

    Picture of HDMI Cables
  • Component

    Picture of component cables
  • RCA

    Picture of RCA Cables
  • Coax

    Picture of a coax cable

TV Inputs

Picture of TV Inputs

Blue or Black TV screen that reads “No Signal”:


This can be caused by a few things. The most common is your TV isn’t on the correct input. Citizens Connected set-top boxes (STB) are usually connected to your TV via a HDMI cable. Below are a few of the most common issues and how to fix them.

Reason 1: Wrong Input

  1. Verify which type of cable connects your set-top box to your TV.
  2. With your TV on, get the remote that came with your TV (LG remote, Samsung, Toshiba, etc.)
  3. Locate the “input” or “source” button and press one time to bring up the on-screen input menu
  4. Select the correct source for your cable connection

Reason 2: Bad Cable or Bad Port

  1. If your set-top box is connected via HDMI cable, try moving the cable to a different HDMI port on your TV if it has more than one.
  2. Change the input on the TV to the new HDMI input i.e. HDMI 2
  3. If you still have issues, try a different HDMI cable

Reason 3: Your set-top box does not have power.

  1. Check to see if you have a light on the front of your set-top box.
  2. Verify that it is plugged into power.

Message on screen that reads “Press OK to watch TV”:


Your set-top box is turned off. Using your Citizens remote, press the STB button on the top right of the remote, then press the "Power" or "OK" button.

I can't access my on-screen guide


Your remote is not in the correct mode. In order for you to control your set-top box from Citizens Connected, your remote must be in STB mode. To do this, press the "STB" button on the top of your remote.

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